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License agpl: Assuming this: 1. no lost or compromised of private key, 2. each user agree and obey to use only her/his id/signature and to lose holding in all netowrks of comcom when proven otherwise and 3. when it is required the comcom can verify the ID against the sensitive data and the location and time of the voting.
If the votes of all members are sent in one time, as the location of each sender is given until completing the voting operation, do we have unique identification of the voters?

  • No, since one person can create additional fake hash(sensitive data) from another location to claim being additional and another person!
    • To prevent this from happening, we need a device that is uniquely identifiable by having the hash(sensitive-data(user)) "burned" in itself, where the device only can make the operation we specify. It should comunicate autonomically (having its dial button, its sim card and if it is usb connected, it is only for read only input data, such as the document to vote upon, and for electric supply, otherwise both elements should be in the device.)

Using both attached by the sender in the act of voting: One digital signature of the document approved by a person in a vote and One ID=hash(SHA-2/3 ?) of the sensitive data of the voting person encrypted by the public key of the group, where all such ID of the voting members are safely stored and ready to be matched in a vote by the group and where the hashed sensitive data includes:

  • 1. the ID of the inviter inviting the person to the comcom
  • 2. the person's name
  • 3. the document of the picture, like passport or a community document
  • 4. the picture, which is able to be identified by a layman as of the one from the document and as of the person identified by the ID
  • 5. secret phrase.

One last comment:

this device could and should be a read only booting usb stick :) thanks electra :)

License: AGPL: Unique identification device being a read only boot usb stick, including

  • Only Once Insert but Irremovable data container including:
    • hash(sensitive user data)
    • hash(sensitive manufacture)
    • signature key
    • encrypting key
  • input of secret pin number and of dialing to signing voting peer/center
  • independent communication to be in sync with another device either to complete the identification or alarming the system
  • usb or sd card for loading voting documents

Both types of coins are to be used, when a holding comcom is a department in the held comcom and the "departments" are trading across the comcom:

  • A) the peers-coin for the exit/entry of holders of comcom/department and
  • B) the objects-coin for the transfer of responsibility/ownership over objects between departments/comcoms.

All owners of multiple layers structure of comcoms are attending together by being marked on a specific non private part of their body, as they are numbered/nicked-named-uniquely by the mark and as they are marked together in one time lasting less than the time for the marks to disappear - this marking may be done even in different locations.

  • The mark can be by a kind of unique per user device used like electronic tagging, but communicating only in the events of being closed or open, while having phone buttons, to code a secret pin number to be activated and to dial the number (ip) to send to its (location,event) and hence
    • if all holders wear the device until there are no absent holders and
    • if the device "knows" when it is on (non specific) human hand and
    • if the uniqueness of the device per user is unable to be falsified and
    • if the sending location of each wearing human is authenticated by another device cellphone/internet and
    • if the communication is secure,
      • then multiplication of identities of the holders in last held comcom is blocked, but each identity, which could be used only once, still could be used by different human.

As for now: The Bitcoin is a legal payment services provider (PSP) under European law, It has 15k users , where 1 bitcoin=$13 !

by e e (guest), 10 Dec 2012 15:38
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