Autonomously-Bio-Print (Abp) as an Identification device for democratic applications

comcomistcomcomist wrote on 08 Jul 2012 19:15

About: Of comcom-platforms; Use-case comcomized mailingllists + tackling
the BitCoin vulnerability. Objective: A necessary device for any democratic applications, designed for allowing only one identity per each (bio-identified) user, where the bio-print is encrypted and stored on external device and the bio-identification is solved locally and without letting any database/server/Internet/big-brother-eyes to have the user's bio-print.

Hardware (3 READ ONLY devices):

  • 1. [D] Data-device: An external data device (usb) or internal mountable partition.
  • 2. [B] Bio-device: An external/internal 5M camera
  • 3. [I] Input-device: An external/internal input device (such as keyboard)

Algorithm (gpl / agpl software) : The [D] has something like 7zip (1M) to open encrypted data by using the user's password, where the encrypted data has this algorithm, users's eye print and user's keys and where the algorithm, having its own unique id (uid), manages all from:

  • 1. eye scanning form [B] to
  • 2. matched to the user's eye print from [D] and only then
    • 3. shaking hands (+uid) using the user's keys from [D], until
    • 4. locking all signals from [I] to the secure communication established by the shaking hands.


  • On high level error, clean itself properly but if having communication ,first sending the error the uid , such error as on usb sudden unplugging etc.
  • the user's eye print should be encrypted separately, so that the eye input should first be encrypted for to be matched with the eye print.

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