Alternative Social Network to Facebook

By comcomistcomcomist, on 08 Jul 2012 19:15

1. It has to be based on strictly open source programmes and software.
2. It has to be free.
3. Advertising yes but only for sustainable products (strictly!)
3. No limitations concerning moral issues (excepting some few taboos like pedophily e. g.) or intimacy/privacy concerns
4. No limitation on quantities of friends or "Likes"
5. Ecological server technology based on renewable energy resources and recycling of hardware.
6. Connection through satellites, not terrestrial cables
7. Free and completely open exchange/sharing of any data (photography, video, music, movie, free tv and radio broadcasting, freeware etc.) with related data banks.
8. Chat and communication should be possible through writing, audio, video + audio on the same interface with direct access and with the option of videoconferences.
9 . Promotion of liquid democracy, digital learning and studying, seminars, conferences, congress, concerts, arts events live etc..
10. The aesthetical design of the pages should be attractive, simple and intuitive in the handling.

10 points for a start!

Please post your comments, suggestions etc.

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